Building the Difference – Together

To make a positive, healthy impact on the community, organizations must build partnerships that make a difference. Palmdale Regional does that with many organizations on a local level.

Explore some of the special partnerships that make Palmdale Regional different.

Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance​

The Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance (GAVEA) is dedicated to attracting other businesses and industries to the Antelope Valley. Palmdale Regional sponsors the organization and is represented on its board.

“The ultimate goal is to make sure we have a safe and healthy community,” says PJ DelGaudio, Interim Executive Director at GAVEA. “Palmdale Regional has always been available and willing to help.”

For years, Palmdale Regional has supported the GAVEA Round Table Report, which is the statistical guide for the area. The hospital gives the report to prospective physicians and RNs.

Antelope Valley Board of Trade​

Palmdale Regional supports the Antelope Valley Board of Trade (AVBOT) through membership fees, but also by supporting the Business Outlook Conference each year.

“Palmdale Regional is an engaged community partner, they're involved in our civic organizations and they support other things throughout the community,” says Bret Banks, Director, Antelope Valley Board of Trade. “It's a true partnership.”

The Antelope Valley Board of Trade’s mission is to attract and retain local business. Palmdale Regional helps the AVBOT mission: “It shows people that we have quality, premium healthcare available right here in the Antelope Valley,” Banks says. “That makes a difference.”