The Birth Place — New Obstetrics and Maternity Unit — Opening Soon at Palmdale Regional Medical Center

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Mother holding newborn baby

Discover Where Love Is Born

Palmdale Regional Medical Center will soon welcome expecting mothers to its new OB and maternity unit, the Birth Place, which is scheduled to open in Summer 2021. This brand-new, 33,000-square-foot unit will feature:

  • All private labor, delivery and recovery suites
  • Two surgical suites
  • A highly skilled staff
  • Easy drop-off and parking … and more

Learn more about the Birth Place at Palmdale Regional

If you have questions about the Birth Place, please contact us at 661-382-5561.

Comfort and Safety

The labor, delivery and recovery suites at the Birth Place will provide a comfortable, homelike setting and will use advanced medical technology. It will be a warm, private place to share this intimate experience with family and friends. The labor and delivery nurses are specialists in childbirth and will provide competent, compassionate care that will make the birth of your child a positive experience.

PRMC Labor and delivery suite

A rendering of a patient room in our new OB and maternity unit

Baby's Special Care

You can be assured that a trained professional will care for your baby during those times when your baby cannot be with you for medical reasons. The newborn nursery will be staffed and equipped to provide the important care your baby needs.

We are proud to grow our services to meet our community’s healthcare needs, and we will soon be ready to help you greet the new love of your life! Discover where love is born at the Birth Place at Palmdale Regional Medical Center.