Learn how bariatric surgery can help you achieve your goal

weight loss consult In the last few years, we’ve been through a lot, and so have our bodies. Sickness, stress and a lack of structure have thrown many of us for a loop, and post-pandemic life can feel a lot different than what came before.

While the world creeps back to normal, it’s time to do the same for ourselves. If you’ve experienced significant weight gain during or after the pandemic – you’re not alone. In just the first year of the pandemic, adult obesity rose by 3%. This is a result of increased stress, reduced sleep, emotional binge eating and being sedentary. Sometimes, even the best calorie-counting and vigorous exercise isn’t enough. And if it isn’t, weight-loss surgery may be right for you.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is an umbrella term to represent several procedures: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and adjustable gastric band. Each of them serves the same purpose – to help you shed excess pounds. The operation you’ll undergo depends on several lifestyle factors. Your doctor will be the one who can help you narrow down the options.


Gastric bypass is usually associated with the largest weight loss possible from these surgeries. Gastric bypass typically results in a loss of as much as 85% of the excess weight a patient is carrying above a healthy weight. Gastric sleeve can typically result in losses up to 75% of excess weight, while gastric band procedures usually result in losses around 65%. Results depend in significant part on the dedication of the patient.

It is important to know that weight-loss surgery is more than just an operation. Surgery is only the first part of the journey – the patient must commit to a healthier lifestyle. Routine exercise, a diet full of fresh produce and ample sleep are non-negotiables if you want to reach your goal and maintain it.

You’ll be guided every step of the way to help maximize your results. Support groups with others who have undergone bariatric surgery, informational sessions and around-the-clock advice is made available for the best experience.

Take control of your health and future – weight-loss surgery can be the first step. Ask your doctor if bariatric surgery may be right for you.