Serving Those Who Served

Healthcare for Veterans

At Palmdale Regional Medical Center we believe that all veterans in the community should have access to high quality healthcare and we welcome veterans of Edwards Air Force Base, as well as other military veterans in the area.

If you're enrolled in Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare, you may be able to receive care from a non-VA facility, including Palmdale Regional Medical Center, if certain factors prevent you from receiving timely and necessary treatment at a VA facility. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, your Veterans Choice Card may allow you to see a non-VA doctor at a non-VA facility if you meet the following guidelines:

  • Your local VA medical facility cannot see you for 30 days or more from your preferred care date, or 30 days or more from a date that’s medically determined by your physician to receive care
  • You live more than 40 miles from the closest VA facility
  • Geographic obstacles, such as mountains or a body of water, make it difficult to travel to a VA facility

If one of the above guidelines applies to you, you can then verify your eligibility by calling 866-606-8198. Please have any related health insurance information ready when you call.

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Get Your Veterans Choice Card

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