Physician Liaison

Palmdale Regional Medical Center has a Physician Relations Manager on staff. The Physician Relations Manager visits physician offices on a regular basis and serves as a personal contact for physicians and office staff. Any problems, issues, concerns or suggestions for improvement can be discussed with the Physician Relations Manager, who will present that information to hospital administration.

Physician and staff information is highly valued by the hospital and will be considered when planning and evaluating services and programs. Any information shared with the Physician Relations Manager is highly valued and will be addressed by the hospital as it plans and evaluates services and programs. To contact the Physician Relations Manager, please call 661-382-6600.

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Request for Application

To those looking for an application to Palmdale Regional Medical Center, please fill out the Application Request Form. 

Application Request Form

Cerner (EMR) Request Process

If you are looking for the Cerner (EMR) request process for renewals and new accounts, please follow the instructions on the PDF. 

Cerner (EMR) Request Process Instructions