Discovering the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

December 16, 2022

Cheryl and Charles NeffAs we age, the chance that we’ll take a bad fall increases. The National Institute on Aging reports that more than 1 in 4 adults aged 65 or older will fall each year. It’s a common concern among adult children for their parents.

For Cheryl Neff, that fear was realized in October. While working in their yard, her 82-year-old dad Charles Neff tripped on a rock and fell, breaking his pelvis. Charles went to an urgent care center, was sent home without a diagnosis, then fell again the next day.

Cheryl, a petite woman, knew that she couldn’t care for her 6-foot father on her own at their home. “He couldn’t walk,” she recalls. “I took him to the Palmdale Regional ER to have him evaluated so he could get into a skilled nursing facility to recover.”

Kindness Is the Difference

When they reached the Palmdale Regional ER, nurses and staff worked to put Cheryl and Charles at ease. “His RN was Nicole, and she was not only very kind and friendly, she was also very knowledgeable and reassuring,” Cheryl says. “That really helped my father remain calm.”

Charles’ X-rays at Palmdale Regional determined that he broke his pelvis. However, he did not require surgery. After occupational and physical therapists evaluated him, it was determined that he qualified for skilled nursing. The only issue was obtaining approval from his health insurer, which would require a few days.

It was obvious that Cheryl could not take Charles home while they waited, so Charles was admitted and stayed in one of Palmdale Regional’s private patient rooms for two nights. Cheryl remembers just about every single person who helped care for her father during that time, from the nurses to the security staff.

“They are exemplary healthcare providers and I cannot tell you how much they helped my father and I during a very difficult time,” Cheryl says. “I am not only amazed by their professionalism, but also by the kindness and care that they gave to each of their patients.”

Cheryl and Charles were impressed by the one-on-one care he received at every turn. They feel that Palmdale Regional made sure Charles had everything he needed to be comfortable, night and day. “At first, I was worried about leaving him there by himself,” Cheryl recalls. “But the nurses were absolutely wonderful with my dad. It made all the difference for us.”

On to Recovery

After his two-night stay, Charles’ insurance company approved a two-week stay at a skilled nursing facility. Now, Cheryl is happy to report that her father is mobile and walking with a cane.

They are both very grateful to Palmdale Regional for the TLC Charles received during a scary time.

“I just want to recognize the nurses and staff — they do not have an easy job and we witnessed some patients being very difficult in the ER,” Cheryl explains. “I have so much respect for each of them and how they kept their kindness and professionalism the entire time.”

She is also impressed by the leadership at Palmdale Regional. “They have done a great job with their staff,” Cheryl says. “When people have good leaders, they can be the best at their jobs.  I will forever be grateful.”