Palmdale Regional Adds Two New Advanced Procedures for Heart and Spine Patients

Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Palmdale Regional Adds Two New Advanced Procedures for Heart and Spine Patients

Using sonic pressure waves to break up calcium deposits, Palmdale Regional Medical Center now offers intravascular lithotripsy (IVL), a first-of-its-kind treatment option for advanced heart disease. IVL is a new technology which enables physicians to break up problematic calcium deposits in arteries using sonic pressure waves.

Calcium makes the artery rigid and more difficult to treat with current technologies and can result in complications for patients who are undergoing stent procedures. Lithotripsy has been used for decades to treat kidney and uteral stones, and now it is available to treat coronary artery calcification at Palmdale Regional Medical Center.

In addition, Palmdale Regional Medical Center is proud to be one of a few facilities in Palmdale and the surrounding communities to perform Biportal Endoscopic Spinal Surgery (BESS), an ultra-minimally invasive surgery accessing the spine through two small ports. The dualPortal solution allows surgeons to easily learn and perform a wider array of lumbar spine procedures than the conventional one-portal technique. The dualPortal technique is versatile, powerful and allows for greater flexibility and enhanced visualization of spinal anatomy.

Biportal Endoscopic Spinal Surgery

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“We are excited to be able to offer the latest in technology in these areas of heart and spine,” says Brad Neet, Interim Chief Executive Officer at Palmdale Regional. “We consistently look for more ways to expand our services and offer advanced procedures to our patients so that they can stay close to home for care instead of leaving the area for medical treatment. We are building a medical community for the future that will continue to offer more technology to the residents of the Antelope Valley.”