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Exciting New Treatment: HiFU for Prostate Cancer

A new radiation-free therapy has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for prostate tissue ablation, which also means that it can be used to treat prostate cancer.

Eugene Rajaratnam, MD, explains HiFU as a treatment for prostate cancer and who might be a candidate for this new procedure.


In the wake of political figures such as Sen. John McCain, Sen. Edward Kennedy and Beau Biden passing away from glioblastoma, you might have questions about this form of brain cancer.

Kamran Parsa, DO, discusses glioblastoma, treatment options and when it might be necessary to stop treatment and start planning for end-of-life care.

Quality and Outcomes In the Hospital Setting

With all the changes in the United States healthcare system, it can be very confusing for the consumer when looking for a medical facility to meet their needs. Hospital systems are always evolving and finding new ways to serve their community.

More and more savvy consumers are asking for detailed information on quality of care and outcome measurements of hospitals.

Kyle Cologne, MD, is here to discuss the changes being made to the healthcare system and how they affect you, the consumer.

Robotics and HIPEC Programs for Cancer

Procedures like hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion (HIPEC) and minimally invasive robotic surgery offer new hope for patients in the advanced stage of ovarian cancer. Until recently, treatment options for patients with advanced-stage ovarian cancer have only included surgery and conventional chemotherapy.

However, with HIPEC and robotic surgery, surgeons can potentially improve their odds and reduce the morbidity associated with traditional open procedures.

Joongho Shin, MD, is here to explain the Robotics and HIPEC Programs at Palmdale Regional Medical Center.