Special Services at Palmdale Regional Medical Center

Palmdale Regional Medical Center offers a variety of special services to help make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. These special services include the following:

Case Management

Case management services at Palmdale Regional Medical Center can help patients and their families cope with the problems and stress that can often accompany illness or hospitalization. Registered nurse case managers can provide support and guidance to help deal with an illness or its treatment, as well as help make decisions about discharge plans. They are experienced in working with community agencies that provide services, home healthcare or medical equipment you may need after discharge.

Social workers are assigned to each patient care area and are trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional problems that can occur during illness or hospitalization, as well as with discharge planning.

To speak with a social worker, you, your family, your physician or nurse should call the Case Management Department at 661-382-5029.

Podcast: What Do Case Managers and Social Workers Provide for Patients?

Learn more about what your hospital team, case managers and social workers can provide in this educational health podcast.

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Patient Problem Resolution

If there is a problem, discuss it with your nurse. Otherwise, speak to the nurse manager/designee, who oversees the nursing unit. On evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, you may speak with the Nursing Administrative Supervisor.

You may also call Social Services, which is available to assist patients during regular business hours. The social worker is a professional who is trained to act as an advocate on your behalf. If you have any concerns regarding your care or questions pertaining to your stay here, the social worker will meet with you privately and in confidence, and then work with the appropriate hospital personnel to resolve any problem.

Web Accessibility

Palmdale Regional Medical Center is committed to making our website's content accessible and user friendly to everyone.
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Patient Education

Palmdale Regional Medical Center is committed to providing you with information about your illness, and will seek to provide information from your physician, nurse or other healthcare providers. If you have any questions about your illness, please ask your nurse for more information.

Mail and Flowers

Mail and flowers are delivered daily to the nursing station on your floor, and from there will be brought to your room. Outgoing mail may be given to your nurse or left at the nursing station. Flowers are not permitted in the ICU area.

Book Cart

Hospital volunteers visit patient rooms with a book and magazine cart.


The hospital subscribes to the AT&T Language Service, which has access to interpreters for several foreign languages, should you require this service. We also offer services for the hearing impaired, including TTY telephones or certified sign language interpreters. Please contact your nurse for assistance. Read more about our interpreter service .

Support Groups

The hospital offers several support groups for patients and family members. For more information, please call the Case Management  Department at 661-382-5029.