Reconstructive, Functional and Cosmetic Procedures

Surgeons at Palmdale Regional Medical Center offer innovative procedures for patients who need reconstructive surgery due to deformity, accident, cancer treatment or other causes. In addition, surgeons at the hospital also perform functional and cosmetic procedures. Often, surgeons work together during surgery for head and neck cancer to begin reconstructive surgery during the same procedure in which the cancer is removed.

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Cosmetic Surgery

A variety of cosmetic procedures are available, including:

  • Face lift
  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty without visible incisions
  • Facial implants — cheek, chin and nose
  • Botox, lip enhancement, facial fillers, fat transfer, chemical peel and skin care

Near-incisionless Rhinoplasty

Nasal surgery to reshape the nose (rhinoplasty) may generally be performed using one of two methods: open nasal surgery or endonasal techniques.

During endonasal rhinoplasty, also known as closed rhinoplasty, incisions are placed inside the nose without the need for an incision on the bottom of the nose. Many times, nasal airway obstructions can be treated at the same time during a near-incisionless rhinoplasty procedure. Near-incisionless rhinoplasty offers several advantages over open rhinoplasty, including no external incisions, less swelling and less numbness.

While each patient is unique and requires a specific treatment plan, incisionless rhinoplasty may be used under a wide variety of circumstances from the simplest to the most difficult rhinoplasty. Surgeons at Palmdale Regional Medical Center perform both endonasal and open rhinoplasty procedures and will help determine the most appropriate rhinoplasty method for each patient.

Rhinoplasty, even for cosmetic reasons, may improve nasal function and congestion. Nasal reshaping, when performed along with a turbinate surgery, septoplasty or sinus surgery is often called functional rhinoplasty. Functional rhinoplasty can restore nasal function, breathing and airflow.

Oral Cancer Surgical Reconstruction

Surgeons at Palmdale Regional Medical Center use advanced surgical techniques to help restore function and appearance for patients who have had oral cancer surgery. Reconstruction may be as simple as putting tongue muscles back together in the best possible manner after removing tongue cancer, or placing a skin graft to replace a missing oral cavity lining.

When patients have had more advanced cancers, more advanced reconstruction is often required. In such cases, not only is new lining of the oral cavity needed in greater amount, but bone, such as the jawbone, may need to be replaced. Skin and muscle can be moved from the chest to rebuild the tongue and mouth, for example. Skin can also be moved from the wrist and used to reline the mouth and rebuild the tongue. Bone can be moved, with or without skin, from the lower leg, hip or shoulder blade and used to rebuild the upper or lower jaw.

Reconstructive Surgery

Palmdale Regional Medical Center offers many reconstructive procedures, including:

  • Facial paralysis surgical treatment
  • Scar revision
  • Skin cancer treatment
  • Oral cancer treatment
  • Torn ear lobe repair
  • Deviated septum, turbinate and sinus surgery
If you need a referral to a physician at Palmdale Regional Medical Center, call our free physician referral service at 1-800-851-9780.