Muscle-Sparing Anterior Hip Replacement

Palmdale Regional Medical Center offers anterior hip replacement, which is an improved technique for hip replacement.

Hip Replacement with Less Pain

The anterior approach to hip replacement, which means surgery from the front rather than the back, has gained favor among orthopedic surgeons as well as their patients. Entering from the front eliminates the need to cut the gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in the body, and can make healing faster and less painful. A specialized hana® table helps position the patient, enabling the surgeon to operate through a single incision. This type of anterior hip replacement is less invasive, causes less soft tissue damage and reduces the risk for dislocation and leg length discrepancies.

Freedom from Post-op Restrictions

Another benefit of anterior hip replacement is a faster recovery. Rehabilitation starts right after surgery, when patients are encouraged to stand and walk as soon as 45 minutes afterward. Since the muscle is not cut during surgery and less anesthesia is utilized, this leads to lower bleeding and risk of infection. Once a patient starts their journey of walking, they are not limited as those who undergo hip replacement the traditional way.

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